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Last week I went to IFA for Lenovo. Some of you guys already know the technique label out of one of my posts in which I wrote about the daily gadgets I use for blogging. For those who don't know, Lenovo is producing mobiles, laptops, tablets and a lot of other devices. The company started to work with me in a special program which is named  "Lenovo influencers". Because of that I spent my weekend with the influencer - group at IFA, attended their press conference in which the new ThinkPad was introduced and spent some evenings with dinners and talks in a comfortable atmosphere.

Moreover I had some interviews and speeches. I talked with the Lenovo group in the Intel blogger hut about technology and I had a second talk the same day which was named " tech meets fashion". as the title already mentions ,I was talking about the influence of fashion onto technology and how it all comes and works  together. It was a really exciting time for me and I'm proud to work with Lenovo especial out of one reason - I think they understand me and what I'm doing. I know it sounds weird but honestly when I attended the press conference and saw their new commercial  and also on one of them which was launched 2 years ago I saw it, the encounter of fashion and technology. I started to believe again, believe that the technology industry is encourage the progress of a collaboration between fashion and technology and that the IT boy can also be IT Girl. For sure there were already e
xceptions in the past but based on the cutting edge I think Lenovo is doing great - we are really doing great.


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lenovo press conference at ifa 12013