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Last week I went to IFA for Lenovo. Some of you guys already know the technique label out of one of my posts in which I wrote about the daily gadgets I use for blogging. For those who don't know, Lenovo is producing mobiles, laptops, tablets and a lot of other devices. The company started to work with me in a special program which is named  "Lenovo influencers". Because of that I spent my weekend with the influencer - group at IFA, attended their press conference in which the new ThinkPad was introduced and spent some evenings with dinners and talks in a comfortable atmosphere.

Moreover I had some interviews and speeches. I talked with the Lenovo group in the Intel blogger hut about technology and I had a second talk the same day which was named " tech meets fashion". as the title already mentions ,I was talking about the influence of fashion onto technology and how it all comes and works  together. It was a really exciting time for me and I'm proud to work with Lenovo especial out of one reason - I think they understand me and what I'm doing. I know it sounds weird but honestly when I attended the press conference and saw their new commercial  and also on one of them which was launched 2 years ago I saw it, the encounter of fashion and technology. I started to believe again, believe that the technology industry is encourage the progress of a collaboration between fashion and technology and that the IT boy can also be IT Girl. For sure there were already e
xceptions in the past but based on the cutting edge I think Lenovo is doing great - we are really doing great.


levovo,device,ifa berlin

lenovo press conference at ifa 12013

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  1. Greatt post dear!

    Kiss Kiss!

  2. It is the technology that unite the different ages people who are living far apart and the world of computers even rather to say laptop change a lot in this or help a lot in this .
    No doubt this would be great achievement towards human kind as laptop is changing towards rugged having more features as compared to the normal one like one I had taken rugged tablet from roamingtech that suits for my mining business and now I am enjoying the full utilization of resources mainly related to huge data.


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