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Hey boys and girls,
I know it's late but I did not forget you. I had to finish some other stuff but now I want to share today's blogpost with you. Today is Saturday, so the post should be beauty related. Even today's post is an outfit post it is focused on beauty. I'm a fool and I did it again - I dyed my hair.

The bright ombre made me feel uncomfortable and I needed a change. Exactly one week ago I went to the barber's to dye my hair. Unfortunately the lady was extremely ***** ,ok..I guess you got a note what I think about her. She was so bad in her job that she made my hair looking like a salad. A tomato on the top and the rest was green leaves. I was extremely angry and even you must guess I'm crazy I went there a few days later again to show her what she did and to force her to make it "right". My hair has an equal colour now but went sooo dark -.-

However I ordered something to bright it up, which I used in the past for my other "dye - accidents". I can tell you only one think I learned - the beauty is in nature - don't always try to change you with chemicals or other stuff. YOU ARE ALL PERFECT AS YOU ARE!!!

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jasmin myberlinfashion berlin

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                           I WAS WEARING                         
ICHI sweater | Tk Maxx bag
| Next belt | Sence Copenhagen bracelet
| Vintage pants | Nelly wedges

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  1. schöner post süße- gefällt mir.

  2. hübsches Outfit! :)

  3. oh man, das thema haare. schlimm. ich kenn das alles. doof nur wenn sogar friseure das nicht hin kriegen -.-
    HIER gelangt ihr zu meinem Blog<3

  4. Du Arme! Aber was du jetzt hast sieht auch nicht schlecht aus. Und ich finde dein Outfit toll, sieht wirklich gut aus.

  5. Wunderschöne Fotos, Jasmin. Und tolle Haarfarbe!

    1. ach nancy..ich bin nicht so von der farbe überzeugt

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