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In today's 'meet the cool people' we are travelling to Canada, to meet the one and  only little fashionisto. He has an incredible taste for fashion and style. I recognized him first on lookbook and had the honor to meet him during fashion week. Enjoy the interview and meet this awesome guy, M’c Kenneth Licon !

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Who are you?
My name is M’c Kenneth Licon, I’m an interactive media developer by professional and an artist at heart.

Where do you come from?
Vancouver, Canada

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What is your profession about?
I work in the interactive media industry.  It’s a multidisciplinary career which involves graphic design, communication design, web design and development, as well as user experience design.

Which topics are relevant to you?
Fashion, Music, Arts, Design,Technology, Food, Travels, and Lifestyle.

When did you start?
Summer of 2008

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What do you think makes you unique?
I barely fit off-the-rack menswear clothing because of my height; therefore, I’m often forced to find alternative ways of “fitting-into the fashion industry.”  In my journey of fitting in, I discovered many creative and interesting ways along the way, which I think, gives me a unique prospective.

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Inspiring words?
Do what you love/love what you do.

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