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I write today's post with kind of a shaky hand..

I wasn't sure if it's a brilliant idea to share this post with you but I decided to do it in the end. Last week I've been to London with Primark. After all the bad PR in the last days I'm aware of the fact to get negative comments to this post but I want to be honest - I had a great time in London at the Primark Press Days  and I want to share it with you guys right now.

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Furthermore I want to make a statement about  all the critic circling around the company right now. Sure, Primark produced in 3rd world countries for cheap prices but honestly have you ever wondered about the prices at Primark? You  were happy that the price is always as low like on a sale and that you can shop many clothes for a little money, didn't you?

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I personally don't always go there. I was only twice times in a Primark and a third in London. I shop seldom and I'm a vegan. I fight for ethic rights but go shopping there?
Yes, I do. I don't always get gifts. I also shop on my own and pay my stuff. I'm a student and I live on a limited budget. I buy basics at Primark and sometimes when I find something really fancy, I buy it and treat myself with it. I means seriously, it's not a bad habit to do it in fact most of you guys actually don't know about the circumstances at H&M, Topshop,  C&A, COS, Asos, Nasty gal, Romwe and wherever also.
Everyone is yelling about Primark right now but we all knew what's going on. How come that you put others down for doing the same somewhere else. My option about the whole topic is the following:

It's the same as you eat meat. If you do it every day it won't be good for you and your environment but "cheating" on a randomly basis is ok, as long as it  not becomes regularly. I decided to become a vegan because I do not want to consume animal products in fact that they die or that they get hurt. Still, I'm a fashion blogger, I have both feet into the fashion scene and it's hard to take space of every company who is not producing on my ideals.  I won't say I'm perfect so please don't make me your role model but sometimes I want that skirt I saw in the latest collection of Primark, H&M or anywhere else. Judge me, if you want but be honest to yourself before and make sure you didn't went there for a shop today or write that negative comment on your laptop made in China.

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  1. Anonymous6/27/2014

    Agree !
    That's a smart person's thought
    It's sad that most people judge without thinking


  2. gut gesagt maus. man kann nicht über primark allein schimpfen, nahezu jedes größere modeunternehmen hat hier dreck am stecken. und wir machen alle schön mit...

  3. Anonymous6/28/2014

    da hast du schon recht aber jeder benutzt als rechtfertigung "ja, andere machen das doch auch soll ich jetzt gar nichts mehr kaufen"
    Primark gehört leider zu den schlimmsten und sie drücken die preise extra nochmal nach unten...aber ich finde es gut das du zumindest darüber nachdenkst... wichtig ist einfach nur nicht in Masse zu kaufen sondern einfach bewusster

  4. ich finde dieses thema sehr schwierig. Aber Recht hast du . nur weil bei H&M C&A etc. gerade nicht so ein Skandal ist, heißt es nicht, dass diese nicht genauso herstellen. Es ist unmöglich alle einkäufer davon zu überzeugen, dort nicht mehr einzuakaufden. deswegen kann man sich nur die CEO's der einzelnen Firmen wenden. Wie du schon sagst gibt es leider keine Alternative

  5. We had about 125 guests, and that was the perfect number to have inside the main room - even with a dance floor in front of the fireplace.