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Meet my brother Nico in today's article while discovering the Lenovo Q190 Desktop PC and read about the power of internet and technique in his life in a short interview. He is official part of the #BuilttoExplore campaign I worked on with Lenovo.

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When was the first time you got in touch with Lenovo?
It was 2 years ago. I came across Lenovo through your blog.

What woke your interest in the Lenovo Q190?
I found a feature in a magazine and was impressed by the features in this little device.

lenovo builttoexplore q190 dektop pc magazine

What makes the product Q190 special to you?
It is the smallest desktop PC at the time (available on the market) and it is connectable with my TV.

lenovo builttoexplore q190 mini pc

What makes it so special to you?
It doesn't require much space. One can easily take it with at any time to any place.

What feature does technique presents in your life?
I don't need the latest products, but it is an important matter in my life since I use the internet everyday for above 6 hours.

When you look for a new gadget, what is a standard you set, what does it require?
It depends on the product, but in general it shouldn't be heavy, work fast and have to have a stunning design.

In which parts of your live do you need a laptop, is it only for private issues?
Most of the time I use my gadgets private matters but technique has a high level in my life, which is possibly caused by the power of internet and social media.

What needs to be changed on the currently available products, what is missing?
The battery needs to be improved.

lenovo builttoexplore idea center q series

Did you know that the Lenovo tablet has a battery lasting for 18 hours?
No, I didn't. I was actually only aware of gadgets having 4 hours battery life.

What price range would you spend on a laptop?
Above 700 - 1000€, depending on the features.

Thanks for the interview, and enjoy your new Q190 desktop PC!