Good morning everyone,

Today I want to give you some advices how to get rid of extra body fat. A few people asked me this and I decided to make a post..

First of all: 1kg fat is 7000 calories, which means you need to burn 7000 calories by exercising to get rid of one kilo fat.

Second: Muscles weight more than fat, so when it goes about weight loss most people try to lose weight very fast. Our body does unfortunately burn rather muscles and lose water than fat, so of you do it to fast you probably gain fat, that's why you should not take too much attention on the scale and take a measure tape to check your body mass.

Third: I want to give you some advices for exercises
I do exercise 5 times a week. I have two rest days, since it's important to give your muscles a little break. If you do too much without resting, your muscles will probably stop gaining once so please, BE CAREFUL WHEN EXERCISING TOO MUCH!

Recommend exercises are:

Morning sport(s) (before breakfast)
Do a little HIIT session or some ab training, jogging or whatever for about 30-40 minutes and have optional a protein shakes after.

Interval training

When hit the gym and doing cardio make sure to train interval. Per example: I do one hour on the stepper 1-3 times a week. I start at 4 and go on 6,2,10,7,13,18,9, and so on. During the first 20 minutes I'm on 20/25 in the end I have a 5 minute cool down on 2 but check the internet to find out more about it.

Cardio combined with weights
But also in general, add weights to your training!!!

I have 40kg muscle mass and burn about 1300 calories a day by doing nothing. Muscles burn fat and calories and by building muscles you support the fat loss. By combining both you will support the fat loss a little more.

Also nutrition is an important matter. I do clean eating which let so much of my bloating and fat disappear. There is a 21 day challenge I posted yesterday. You guys might try this; it will make you lean...

No alcohol
Alcohol will stop the fatloss.If you want to lose fat you better stop drinking.

Drink a lot of water!
Water is suuuuuuuper important for everything, also for weight loss and fat loss. Moreover you eat less.

And my last advice NO carbs in the night. Make sure to stop eating carbs at 4PM max.5PM and do a few ab exercises after. 

Refeed day:
Have a refeed day, about once in 1 1/2 or 2 weeks. Do not eat more fat but add more carbs to your nutrition. This will again increase your metabolism and support the fat loss.

It's the most important meals a day, fastens your metabolism and also helps you by this to lose fat.

Hope this helps you and if you need more tips or have more questions just leave a comment or mail me!

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