With Gucci everything looks just a little better I guess..

That's just my opinion. But for sure it has been a successful come up to start a beauty line, especially during Fashion Week when all eyes are on..

Also the idea to team up with a major retailer so as Saks is a huge thing. So, what does it all have to do with me?

Saks and Gucci had a marvelous Instagram meet-up during Milan Fashion Week, and I was one of the lucky ones who were invited to this beautiful night. Not only we were introduced to the whole make up line, we also spent the night in a Gucci store which has been closed for the event. Moreover we were getting closer to the amazing collection presented by the probably most adorable and gifted makeup artist I know, Aaron Smith Henrikson - oh boy, such a darling!

I actually just wanted to go for a little refreshment but when this guy took the products and his creativity he made me look like a Hollywood star in only five minutes. I also felt very blessed to have some time with Qianna, the social media super woman for Saks, back into my arm for some warm hugs.

This night has been pure magic to me, thank you Saks and Gucci for this unforgettable experience, my thoughts will be circling about it for the next time.

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jasmin fatschild make up artist Aaron Smith Henrikson

gucci make up line presentation

saks instagram meet up in milan with gucci

gucci cosemtic line

impressions of the gucci beauty line

jasmin fatschild myberlinfashion Aaron Smith Henrikson milan fashion week

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