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Are you often tired and bored of your breakfast. I knew this feeling very well once, but today I want to give you a quick advice how to make your breakfast bowl and exiting and delicious bite by every spoon..

The simple answer is just combining all over. It's the same as with an outfit, create your own style by trying different and new things. I personally love fruits for breakfast. They are healthy carbs which fill you with energy for the morning hours and your next meals. From my sports of I eat a lot of proteins, that's why I recommended to have soya yoghurt with your fruits. Don't be afraid of proteins. Even if you don't do sports it's just super important to have them in your daily nutrition to support your muscles.

On top I added homemade granola, which I also added with lots of super foods and proteins. If you would be interested in how to make granola just let me know. I hope this post made you a little creative. Stay healthy, eat fruits and be happy! :)

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