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I know you guys were waiting so long. It's cook with me Monday and today I finally got the recipe of the protein bites, for which you guys were asking on Instagram. For sure these muffins are vegan, low in fat and without sugar. This is how you do them..

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You will need for about 36 mini muffins:
8 table spoon soya flour
50 gr spelt four
buckwheat flour
(please take care that all flour is from whole grain!)
agave syrup (amount depends on you, I used 4 table spoon)
half tea spoon carob bean gum
20-30gr soya nuts
2-3 carrots
150 ml soya milk
(additional) a little baking soda

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and now..
mix all ingredients together. I added the milk at last. If the dough is to sticky use some more milk or water. You should have a creamy consistent. Put everything in a muffin pan, the best is to use silicone because you won't need to add fat, and place it in your oven by 200°C for 15 - 20 minutes. Let it cool before taking the muffins out of the pan and enjoy a healthy snack.

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This is not only a super healthy alternative for over sugared cakes, but also a very simple and fast recipe and the best is that it is also vegan. You will spoil your body with clean food and can enjoy this snack guilty free. Take a few with you to enjoy after your training or just as a healthy snack when getting a craving for something sweet.

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I hope you have fun doing it and don't forget to tag #cookwithmemonday when doing it. Enjoy!