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Last week I was reporting about my Slendertone ab belt, today I want to let you know more about my Slendertone bottom trainer. During the last year the "squatting trend" became a really big deal in the sport scene. I have to admit that I always had a big bottom, but not ever a round one. I know this topic might affect some of you girl to and it is even a little strange to talk about it but sport really became an important part of my life and I decided to share it with you guys...

It must have been 3 months ago when I started to use the bottom trainer from Slendertone. They surprised me with the trainer after a long mail from my side about my experiences with the ab belt.
I'm really happy to work with Slendertone. Honestly, I actually never believed in those trainers I saw in the TV and commercials because I thought if it is that easy why don't everyone do so?

When I was able to try the Slendertone devices for a few weeks I just learned that these devices can really help. But still it's important to train.

It's obviously that a belt or some bottom trousers won't replace hours of cardio or weight training but once I was on a point with my training where I didn't mentioned any progress anymore. I trained a lot but nothing happened, I didn't see any changes anymore and wanted to try something new.

This was very close to the time when I discovered Slendertone. I'm happy I discovered it. Attached I have included a few exercises I'm doing when wearing the Slendertone bottom trousers.

leg curl weight myberlinfashion sport slendertone bottom trainer

weight squat fitness myberlinfashion sport slendertone bottom trainer

bridge bottom training myberlinfashion sport slendertone bottom trainer

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