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Dear friends, as you could follow on my social media accounts I was trying to do a raw vegan diet for one month. Today I want to review my impressions with a totally raw nutrition..

I named it rawvember and I actually wanted to go for it a complete month. Raw means to eat no processed or packed food, not even salt. This was actually no problem for me but on day 8 I started to feel very weak.
In the beginning it was very simple for me to quit cooking my food and even not to eat salt was a problem for me but as you know I'm mad for my sport and I didn't do less sport, I actually increased my workouts not only from amount of time but also in view on weights I wanted to do more.
I slightly notice that I feel worse from day 4, very sleepy and emotionally. Food is something very important for our body, it delivers our energy and power and for me it seemed to take all by power. I still eat raw on a huge amount but I think for me it's also important to have some tofu and other foods.

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I don't eat everything so my raw diet stared to become basically every day the same. Same veggies and the same fruits every day. I assume it to come from the fact that there is not enough choice to select of in the grocery stores but I can also be very picky when it comes to food.

However I'm still proud to even try it and made it for at least 8 days. It is a totally interesting lifestyle and I'm sure I'll have my hand on it again in future but for now I simply enjoy to have my tofu and vegan protein powder back on my meal list.

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  1. I also tried vegan but after a week I started feeling like I'm on my period. So I switched to the Loaded Gun Diet, and I feel much better and there are less things I must give up on.

    1. that's fine! The most imporant thing is to find out what's best for you and what makes you happy from inside and outside