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Today I want to share some more information about my sporty project with Hunkemöller. I'm part of the #100daysHKMX challenge. It is about getting in the perfect shape for summer and I'm here to inspire you, this is why Hunkemöller selected me - truly a huge honor for me.

Beside the new collection I will also share food ideas, workouts and beauty facts with you. Fitness is not only about a tough workout, it has also a lot to do with a happy and healthy mind, because this is the key for everything. The full shooting results will be online on my blog and the Hunkemöller website so make sure to follow both of us. ;)

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I lost 20kg, started exercising and became a happy girl. I started the fitness journey on my own. I was 13 when I said to my family that I will cook all my dishes on my own ,that I will start boxing and that I will do it all on my own and that they can't stop me. I read tons of books, websites and tried to improve my knowledge about the human body, fitness, wellness and food. Today I'm the happy and fit girl I always wanted to be and looked up to. Still, I know that I'm a fighter but not everyone is. I hope that I'm able to make you getting the same strong mind as I learned to have. Let's do this all together, we all are as strong as we want to be and starting today is better than tomorrow. Make it count, every day not for them but for you!

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This first post is dedicated to get me know a little better and to give you a preview on what is waiting for you. I'm Jasmin, 20, fulltime blogger based and born in Berlin. I started my blog my Berlin fashion with the age of 15, almost 5 years ago. My main topic used to be fashion but during the years I started to have a high interest in food and sport, not only because of a trend, it became my lifestyle.

With this first post I want to let you guys know what sport means for me. Sport became more or less the perfect cut between a stressful life and a peaceful mind. To work out is a way to calm down and forget about everything for one or two hours. Still, I'm a fashion blogger and I share the opinion that also a sport outfit needs to match to oneself. When you are in the gym or running on the street you still want to feel beautiful and comfortable. Sure, it's not only about looking good but when one feels good while doing it you will keep it and if you like yourself in a sport outfit you would rather keep going, don't you?

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My first outfit is in my favorite color blue. I decided for short leggings, a zipper sport bra, a grey jacket and some soft socks. I like my clothes to have a slim fit and with a high support. Today I wore these pieces while preparing a little home workout.

I'm personally more or less the girl who is training with weights but also cardio is very important. When it comes to a toned body, hard abs and shaped legs it is very important to do both so never skip weights or cardio.

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A great workout I like for abs is a hoola hoop. One can use it in front of the TV or as I like to do it while doing social media. It is a great exercise and totally fun. Also music is an important topic when it comes to a workout. Hunkemöller has prepared a huge list on Spotify for our next workouts that should definitely be checked out.

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I want to be honest, I never used to be a sporty girl and had always and ever doubts if this fits to me but on one day I decided to start. I also joined the Berlin half marathon and had actually no practice. The main point is just to do it, and think less about what could happen. If we really want it we can do it. I always keep tracking and collecting my certificates and put them where I can see them so I always remember that I made something big possible and that everything is just a matter of willing.

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I'm very excited to keep you on this fitness journey for the next 100 days with Hunkemöller. Beach body here we come!

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  1. Wie genau machst du denn das mit dem Hoola Hoop und social media? Würde mich sehr interessieren!

    Liebe Grüße, Rona von threepinkcats

    1. ich mache twitter und alles über smartphone meistens während ich den hoola hoop reifen benutze! :D