jasmin fatschild editor of myberlinfashion

Hello world!

I wish you all a wonderful happy new year. A new year is like a new chapter of a long book and we are the authors, holding the pen and are able to lend the story in every direction. I decided to tell you more about ideas and plans I have in mind for this New Year and I'm pretty sure you will like it...

If you could decide for one word that you know to describe a year, what would it be? For this upcoming year I thought about a word I want to live, a word that also reflect my new year goals but also goals I set for my life. I never did this before, to be honest, but I found a perfectly matching word for this year - Namaste.

I decided for this word for a special reason. Due the past months I tried more yoga. I live a life that is very focused on sports and I'm always interested to learn new things and to try new things. 2014 wasn't easy and I was looking out for something that calms me down and makes me less aggressive, so I tried yoga.

With every coming yoga session I noticed how intensively my mind became more sensitive and relaxed. I think yoga is a great way to do something for yourself.

In  yoga session we were saying Namaste and I was thinking more and more about this simple word, as more often as I heard it. Namaste is a way to say "hello" and what could be better than welcoming this New Year with a clear, calmed mind and a friendly "Namaste".

A few goals I set myself are to be happier, laugh more often and to forgive. I want to leave all the negative thoughts and spend more time on the wonderful things life offers. It's so important to forget about rules and norms sometimes. Sometimes we want to fit in a lifestyle or situation that just doesn't reflect who we are while we should actually become more focused on ourselves.

It took me a long time to make myself aware of my goals, who I am and what I want to do. We often forget about simple easy things that are actually leading our whole life. What I want to say with this article is to give everything a new chance and to embrace our inner wishes and make them come true. Why are we so often waiting for something to happen, we should just do it.

For this year I prepared so many new things and so much of my wishes will be fulfilled. I can't wait to share all these new adventures with every one of you.

I hope this text inspired you in any way. Maybe that was just the push in a direction you never dared to go. Happiness isn't easy to find but let's make the first step into a new year, a new life, a new you -today.