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During one of my last interviews I got asked what I would wear for a girl's night out. When I was asked I had no special look in mind so I took this as a little exercise for me and headed to my wardrobe. Between all these pieces I only had in mind what I could wear and what I would do with my girls if we want to go out. I took these thoughts as an inspiration for today's article in which I want to share my ultimate girl's night out look with you..

First of all I have to make clear that my girls are very lovely girls, sometimes loud but always there for a cool surprise and a fabulous night. My girls are like sisters for me. I feel so comfortable and happy when I'm around them and when I looked for my outfit I wanted to transmit these emotions into it.

On my personal view there is no stronger self expression one can give than with a personal style or a dope look. I always used to be the classy and elegant girl so I was aware that my look would also have this touch of glamorous feeling and a note of my character.
I decided for my review skirt, a simple black shirt and some golden details. I just discovered that beside my love for colour blocking I'm super fascinated and maybe also a little obsessed with black-white looks that have a touch of business look.

To give the look a little cheeky and fresh note I added my black litas to make it not too chic. I can't wait to meet up with my girls and wear this look. What would you wear for your next girl's night out?

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