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Have you ever craved for something new in your diet? Most of us are always looking for new inspirations and ideas for a healthy nutrition. The typical stereotype is sadly that people always assume vegans to eat salad only. Today I want to share a recipe for vegan meat balls, which are not only delicious but also healthy and simple to prepare..

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To make vegan meatball it doesn't require a lot. Have a blender and throw in the following ingredients:

tofu, onions, lentils, salt, pepper, thymine, a spread of nut butter, soya flour and some water.

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Blend everything until you got thick dough you can roll into little balls.In the meanwhile heat a pan with a few drops coconut oil. Put in the meat balls and press them. Rotate them when they look gold brown and repeat until the entire dough is roasted.

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Serve them with salad or rice. I used millet and a few lentils, so as carrots, red quinoa  and tomato. On top I put avocado to make it a little richer, since I didn't prepared any sauce.

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 I'm thrilled for your feedback and wish you "Bon App├ętit".

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