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It's a lovestory..

Chloé asked me to tell my own and private love story and this is why today's article is all about the one big thing. Love.

What most of you guys don't know is that I'm a very spiritual mind and that I write poems and long texts about everything in my mind. Sometimes I have very deep thoughts about life and universe and only a pen and the limitless number of papers in my book seems to understand. Well, thoughts about thoughts, words about words, here is the story I want to share with you:

Once there was a boy and a girl. It was a classical situation like all the romantic and cheesy ones we know so well from Lala Land with the slightly difference that this wasn't just a fiction, it was real. It was magical, a touch, a kiss and an endless moment. It was all about the three words and the eight letters. It was perfect, it was true, it was me and you. Forever thine forever mine forever ours. I love you..

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