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Thank god, it's almost Friday. This week has been so crazy and busy that I barely had time for the important things and shootings. Also on weekend big projects are ahead and of course I'm about to prepare everything for the next articles, in which I'll be sharing all news with you..

One big thing that came back to my daily routine is running. As some of you already saw on instagram [@myberlinfashion] I run a lot this week and on the next two days more than 25km are ahead, this is going to be very big.

I can't wait for June for the #werunberlin run by Nike which is going to be a phenomenal event, I'm very sure about. However, today I decided to not style that sporty as usual and went for a very dark but casual look.

I'm also wearing my new Nixon watch, with which I lately got a crush on. I became totally obsessed with watches in the last months and started to wear one every day. I guess it's just an important matter to watch time. Time is something that is running and once it is gone, it will never come back. Enjoy every moment and live it as if it was the last.


Every minute I'm with you
Every second blows my mind
We don't got a thing to lose
All we got is time
Every hour every day
Even if the sun don't shine
Everything'll be ok
Cause all we got is time
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