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Valentine's Days, oh dear. What a day. It's actually just a day as every other day, but still there is something in the air on this day. One can't change the fact that even it's only one of 365 days, there is a special meaning and symbolic that affects us all..

Valentine's Day was found by the florist's. It's a very commercial day that actually has nothing to do with love. But doesn't even show this fact how strong and powerful people's wishes and hopes are?
One selects a day and makes it something special for the rest of the world, gives it a meaning, emotions and memories.

Yes, Valentine's Day should be a day like every other day, but it's not. It's a day for everyone. A day to gift love, to be happy, to smile, to be grateful and a day to make you realize that the behavior, the thoughts and the meaning one has on Valentine's Day should be as on every day of the week, month and year too, for the rest of your life. We should stop waiting for a day to tell people what they mean to us. Let's be honest, let's face the fact and make it happen.

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  1. So sweet and romantic outfit, perfect for Valentines day :)

    1. thanks hun, glad you like it