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Good morning friends, it has been a long week for me and it's already a new month. May is here and summer is also just one step away. In view on long days at the beach, warm water and sand I decided to give some advices on a casual and natural beach/ summer look, that is easy to style..

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For that I want to share my favorite products with you guys and my personal make up routine. First of all I need to mention, that I actually never use make up, but what I use from time to time is concealer. I really like the So Susan concealer quad, which I had in one of my glossy boxes once and started to use it for special events or shootings then. Optional I add the benefit eye cream to reduce dark circles.

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For moisture lips and a nice glow, so as an amazing smell I use the Burt's bees lip balms. Some of you might wonder about that, since I'm a vegan, and yes, I really try to avoid non vegan products but I'm mainly a vegan eater. I can't say that everything I do is perfect or that all products are vegan and hope you understand this.

the body shop cleanse butter kamille

Another product for getting ready is the cleansing butter from the body shop. I use it every morning to clean my face and leave it as a moistening cream. For me it's the perfect base and a nice beauty hack for soft skin. When at the beach or doing sports I better like my face care cream with aloe vera to fight skin irritations.

face care benefit cream

For big lashes and glowing eyes I adore the L'Oreal waterproof mascara, it is probably the best mascara I ever used for every swim class, sport session or whatever. I got a feeling that it lasts forever, by whatever I was doing. And last but not least my absolute favorite fragrance for summer is Calvin Klein one summer, to have a fresh smell.

ck one summer mac fix+

The whole make up routine takes about 5 minutes, is good for your skin and even makes my beautiful readers more beautiful. My optional finish it the fix+ spray by mac, which keeps you skin hydrated and gives a fresh feeling.