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Every one of us knows this sentence: "eat your greens". So, why do we still cope with our inner self when eating a salad can be super satisfying and delicious, beside the heath benefits? I 'm going to present you my super green and healthy salad in today's #cookwithmemonday...

Instead of always using tofu I decided for my beloved soy crumbles, which are slow in fat, high in protein and cheep. The lazy of us can just put it on the salad for a protein boost.

For the main salad just take you favorite greens and top it with a new dressing of mine, that is going to make you love every salad.

Take 1 1/2 tea spoon peanut butter, a little olive oil and mix it with paprika powder, salt, citron, soy milk, garlic, oregano and coriander so as basil. This is truly a deliciousness one shouldn't miss at all.

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