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I waited so long to share my Mallorca shooting with Ernsting's Family with you guys but I really wanted to post it along with the video. Anyway, today it is finally the big day to share my photos, expressions and the long awaited video of our sunny time in Spain..

It has been 3 days with the team and we really had a tight but nice schedule. Arrived in Spain we had dinner in a beautiful fancy restaurant. It was also the time when I met the others for the first time.
The next day was already the big day of our shooting. I decided to do the makeup myself and just let the hair stylist get my hair a "wet hair" style. After a long day of shootings every one of us was happy and the others went to the beach, while I was working in my hotel room, before getting to dinner again, close to the port.

On our last day we probably had the biggest adventure waiting, since we did a jeep safari tour. I was so excited because I was driving the car trough the wildest parts of the island which was totally fun, until I had a little crash with another car.

No worries, no one was hurt or anything. The whole group, including me, still enjoyed the day until it was time to head to the airport again. On this time I just want to say "THANK YOU" and see you soon in Hamburg for the fashion show everyone.

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