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You are always in hurry and concerned about your body because summer is coming and you are looking for a little exercise routine that is getting you in a better shape?

No problem! For New Balance I made a 15 minute home workout that is your last minute ticket to a better shape...

myberlinfashion sport plank

I love planking, because I believe it's one of the most effective exercises. I decided for five plank exercise you are doing 1 minute each. The whole workout is 15 minutes and has 3 rounds á 5 minutes. There is actually no break planned but if you are really in need for a break do 30 seconds between a 5 minute set.

planking gym workout sport

Side plank, this one is a total duration of two minutes because you are doing one minute on the left and one minute on the right side.

planking abs workout home

Standart plank, look straight and think about something you like. Don't focus too much on how hard it is to hold your weight. Keep smiling and enjoy the idea that you are going something good for yourself.

plank training leg lift bottom workout

Plank with lifted legs, you are lifting you leg while holing the plank. Start with you favorite side and keep pushing yourself it's only one more minute.

abs stretching myberlinfashion sport

Stretching plank, this one is actually super beneficial for stretching your abs and by the last minute of your set.

new balance shorts sport

I hope you are enjoying this little workout. I can't await your feedback and wish you a lot of fun and power while trying it.

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