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I'm vegan as you know but I always liked scrambled egg for breakfast. Being vegan doesn't mean that you have to change your eating routine, it just means to change the way of thinking about food. That's why I made myself vegan egg today and present it in a new #cookwithmemonday. Ready for some low carb, low fat and high protein vegan egg, everyone..?

For a big pan I used 400gr of tofu, an onion, some herbals so as salt pepper and option 100 grams of smoked tofu and a little soy milk, optional one can also use soy cream. I cut everything and put it into a hot pan with a little coconut oil. To make the tofu look like scrabbled egg just press it into your hand. For the color and the taste all curcuma- that's it. Now you can feel free to put plain veggies on side and have vegan egg you going to love more than the real one, trust me.

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