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During my stay in Paris I had the pleasure to be Jennifer's guest at her restaurant my kitch'n. As the vegan fitness and nutrition guru, and phenomenal book author she is, I was more than excited to be her guest and even more to try her vegan dishes..

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Beside her lovely attitude also her cat surprised me during my stay and even tapped into my cheese cake, what was more than funny. Jennifer is such a sweetheart and it was so cool to meet her. She is so inspiring and also her books are a gift of knowledge for vegans and non vegans. She also discusses topics like protein intake, tab water and in general nutrition and a vegan diet in her books. Also I boosted my knowledge a lot while flipping through the pages.

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When it comes to food and eating out I'm really picky. I rather take a plain salad instead of extravagant meals, since I'm afraid that it included non vegan ingredients, gluten or sugar, too much salt and so on. But honestly, I really trusted Jennifer from the first time I met her.

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Also her menu explained all ingredients and she was really patient with me. She made everything fresh and served every plate with a bright smile. Not only me, but also her other guest were more than happy to be at her's and with her.

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My kitch'n is definitely a "must visit" when one comes to Paris. A place where you should eat, vegan or non vegan. It's healthy, not expensive and really good. Let's support people like Jennifer, she really deserves it!

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