#TGIF! It's Friday folks, and I got some great news. Today I want to take you through the apartment. No idea what it is? Stay curious, because you will love it..

First of all thanks to my love Abisola for making all of this happen. Abisola is the founder of the Apartment, something like a blogger lounge during Fashion Week. The whole project kicked off in London and was also happening in New York this season and will also happen during Paris Fashion Week.

abimarvel apartment

I visited this event the first time during my stay for London fashion week and was extremely touched by the perfect organization, the great sponsors and the variety, professionalism, so as opportunities for us bloggers.

london street style


Attached you find my favorite impressions of the apartment. I picked all kinds of topics including beauty, fashion, food, people and much more.

I hope you enjoy the journey and all of the photos within this article. Again, cheers to Abisola and of course all the sponsors which made this whole project happen.

dune bag kurt geiger shoes

You can find more of my impression from London fashion week and the apartment on my instagram account ( @myberlinfashion ) and also under the hashtag #LFWapartment and their instagram account (@theaptmt).

essie youngblood thisworks apartment london

I'm already really excited that they have planned for Paris fashion week and the apartment over there. By the way, big congratulations for the huge expand within this short time period. I also can't wait to see the others again and have another fun week with this adorable team.

dove voga interior

cleaneating fitfam

photos by following photographers for the Apartment : Kris Atomic (8. l ) , Ashley Verse( 1, 3.l , 4, 5 ,6, 7. r, 8. r)  
Dina Tsesarsky (2, 3. r , ) , Tom Martin (7. l)

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  1. nice photos ! i hope you had an amazing time :)

    1. I had. I will also show you next week more impressions of the one in paris!

  2. Hello Jasmin!
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