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Back in Berlin. Good morning or might also good night every one. It must be around 1AM in the morning right now and I finally returned from London Fashion Week, already packing for the next adventure..

Paris is always a good idea, especially during fashion month. I actually just went to Paris recently for Disneyland and some nice projects with Pierre Cardin but I couldn't refuse to return back to the city of love since from my last Fashion Week over there already 4 years has passed by.

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I'm already packing and scheduling all my outfits, shows and events and I'm so excited to see so many of my friends finally again. Also my lovely friends from the apartment will be over there, so it's going to be an exciting week in Paris, with lots of fun, great fashion shootings and lovely people I will be surrounded by.

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Today I'm sharing one of my London Fashion Week outfits with you guys, wearing a Bershka dress and necklace, combined with a Reserved skirt, vintage flats and a dune bag, I borrowed at the #LFWapartment showroom.

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The earrings are some of my highlights in this outfit. I purchased them actually within the same time period as I started my blog and still adore them as much as on the first day.

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I'll keep you updated with more Fashion Week news tomorrow and take a rest for now, since a lot of events and cool projects, so as meetings and articles are just around the corner over here and soon also abroad. 

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