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During the last week I spent the days with Lenovo, since it was IFA. I'm part of an insider group which managed by Lenovo and together with seven more insiders I discovered the new products and innovations of Lenovo at IFA..

The adventure actually started one day before IFA already. On the 2nd of September the long awaited and promoted #LenovoLaunch event happened.

During the presentation Lenovo presented the new products, so as new product lines by Lenovo and their companies Motorola and Medion.

My highlight was definitely the new Yoga Tab 3 pro 10, a tablet with a projector and endless possibilities, so as the long lasting battery and high quality standard that we are used to be provided with by Lenovo.

phablet lenovo yoga 3 pro

Also the phab line is an amazing product line that Lenovo just launched. It's a combination of a phone and a tablet. I mean seriously, who of us is really using the phone for that it was actually used to be?

Especially smart phones are more or less only in use for apps and internet use. Almost none of us is using the phone to make a call. Lenovo understood this and developed the phablet, a product with the functions of a tablet and an enlarged size of a phone for the calls in between.

But beside these products Lenovo also launched a wide range of other product. Moreover we insiders and Lenovo were working on the new #goodweird campaign, for which we insiders also were interviewed.

Here is an overview about the new product launches. Visit THIS PAGE to discover all new product lines and get the latest information. Within the next days I will also come up with more interesting news and as always I'll be sharing more insider news with you on my social media channels.

tablet lenovo ifa berlin

lenovo launch event ewerk products

I'm more than proud to work with Lenovo for so many years now. It's a glory to me to be part of this project and as I always like to say to be a member of "the Lenovo family". Thank you for everything and especially for making my life better with all your innovations and technologies.

photos via Lenovo news room

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