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I have a secret to reveal. I went to Italy a short time ago to the Technogym village, in order to be part of the presentation of the new treadmill #myrun. In today's article I get you know all about the new machine, the trip and some insights..

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First of all, I was really happy to be on a tour with the world's fitness leader. When I started training, it started in the cardio area, so I actually set my first step into this fitness lifestyle on a Technogym machine. From there on Technogym was always a part of my fitness journey, doesn't matter in cardio or weights.

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I really like the variety of Technogym, and the thought to always go better, to be high qualitative and to make the best of one's workout with the latest technique, newest devices and best service.

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When I arrived in Italy I went to this beautiful hotel with the others, before we had a fancy lunch. After that we went to the headquarter of Technogym, what I was just so super excited about. Just imagine me in a huge building with countless numbers of fitness machines, all free to exercise - it was insane!

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On the first day we went to all stations of the Technogym headquarter only, since we used the full second day to use all machines, having a lovely shooting and make it count on the new treadmill my run.

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I already discovered my run at FIBO in Cologne this year, but this device it simply perfect. It's made for home use, and analyses ones run in order to give advices to improve on runs, so as promoting one's performance. Moreover one can connect it with an ipad, so get the ultimate my run experience, including playlists, personalized for your run and endless more features.

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Thank you Technogym for having me on this trip. It was so much fun and I can truly not wait for FIBO to discover the next big launch.


photos via Technogym