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Although this mixing Tuesday post is scheduled a little late, I still decided to share it with you guys. Especially during the autumn and winter time one likes to stay inside, because of the cold temperatures outside. To ensure, that one feels comfortable at home, interior is a very important topic..

In my opinion the pieces above couldn't be better for a living room decor. I really like the unique design of the small decor pieces and also the chair color is simply amazing. Also when it comes to lamps I always look for something specials, so as in clothes. I thing that design in general is always about to see something unique, going along with every pieces. I personally share this opinion with everything. I want to be surrounded by creativity and beauty and I thing fashion and interior go hand in hand within this vision.

Color is always a good idea. I not only share this opinion with my outfits, but also with my interior. I have orange walls and many colorful pieces all around me. I think one rather goes for a lot of colors or a very minimalistic design. I'm personally a fan of color blocking.

I spend hours of the day in my kitchen that is a fact. When I'm home I love to prepare healthy food and cook for others. Healthy cooking is a passion that just became a mayor part of my whole life and nutrition schedule. Since I spend so much time in the kitchen, I want it to be a quiet, tidied and beautiful space, where I feel comfortable and be able to concentrate and get inspired for new recipe ideas and other projects I'm planning. I attached also a few nice designer pieces I found for a stylish kitchen. These might be no must haves but a nice addition to the standard kitchen interior.

Christmas is also just around the corner. Only two months and ten more days until the festive season will be at its highlight again. I guess all of us know that Christmas is probably the time where most people spend hours in the kitchen to prepare cookies or other sweets. Therefore also included a short baking section in this post, for all the sweet tooths. Don't cheat too much and enjoy every bite, which might be well deserved.

..But most important of all will always be a perfect place to rest. A big comfortable best is a must have for every home and especially during the cold days it's the best to stay in there during the weekend with loads of blankets, pillows and a hot cup of tea.

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