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Time flies. It's already autumn and the summer days are gone. I already miss the beach but due my tough travel schedule I will be sooner reunited than awaited..

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However, most of us are not in the luckily situation too be at the beach during these cold months so the typical question comes up (as always) "what to wear"?

This answere is not only very important to know for fashion events but also for daily looks , since all of us want to look fashionable for a low budget .

Last week I was interviewed by the German TV channel ZDF to give some advice on fashion trends during the autumn season, so I thought I should also do a small review/ preview prognose article for my readers.

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As in every season I'm a huge fan of capes. Easy to wear and even more easy for a quick but cool styling. Simply wrap yourself in a cape with a long scarf, a sweater and a pencil skirt. My advice: try color.

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My mom always pushed me to wear scarves when I was younger because she believed they would protect me from colds and sickness in general. I always hated it, since I always disliked the design of most of the scarves. Also the length was a problem, since they were all too short in my view or cover my beloved outfit. Nowadays I got a favor for oversized scarves as my featured item. Try the look, with a hat and over knees. Also layering perfectly matches with this trend.

over knee boot trend milan fashion week

Over kneeboots or boots in general, are the best invention right after heels. If you want to go in a sexy playful way, per example for a date, wear a mini skirt with over knees and a jumper. Trust me, you never looked that hot.

Attached you can find some more autumn pieces and colors I like. In general I always advice everyone to give a try on colors and give the outfit something spicy with a few color blocking items.

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  1. Very cool. Fall fashion is unlike any other season. I love that green coat. :]

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    1. thanks for your feedback

  2. great post ! x

  3. The boots are looking fab... :)