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Hello world, after more than 24 hours of traveling we arrived in Bali yesterday. It has been a very tough trip but I'm happy to be here and to enjoy a wonderful time at this magical place. As you know, I'm here for another editorial travel, #mbf_bali ..

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In the following weeks I will take you through the island, get you knowing the best hotels, hotspots and provide you with plenty of cool fashion, beauty and sport editorials.

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Our arrival could not have been any better, to be honest. We arrived early in the morning at 00:30, where already our driver of the INAYA Putri Bali was waiting for us, to bring us to our well deserved beds and to let us have a little rest.

Arrived at the hotel, I still couldn't believe that I had finally arrived, since this hotel, or in my words palace, made me thought I was still in Germany, dreaming of paradise.

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After a little rest, the first day in our magical new home started with a marvelous breakfast. I was so happy to find a whole collection of all exotic fruits on the table, especially my favorite fruit, the dragon fruit, was delivered, which satisfied me more than everything else. After the breakfast I decided to visit the village. I'm not kidding, this place truly has its own village.

INAYA PUTRI BALI in nusa dua breakfast buffet

village in the INAYA PUTRI BALI in nusa dua

"Staying at INAYA Putrid Bali’s luxurious The Village means enjoying unbeatable service and ultimate sophistication, blend with authentic Balinese charm and hospitality. Each of the 19 appointed villas has its exclusive plunge pool with connecting communal river-type pool, private-beach cabana and feature the luxury of space, timeless contemporary design and personalized butler service, perfect for couples and families alike."

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When I read this on the website before my flight, I was really excited, when I arrived there I was nearly to faint, or rather to cry, since I was so happy. I guess everyone knows the quote "so happy I could die", well, that was totally suitable for this situation.

After our walk through the village it was pool time. Of course I was already working on some cool editorials and published my first one already on the first day of our stay which you can find HERE.

gaya spa INAYA PUTRI BALI in nusa dua

Also we were pampered with exclusive massages at the Gaya Inaya Spa. Every single penny is worth to stay there. Of course one can't buy happiness in general, but staying at this place probably breaks the typical quote and all the rules. The INAYA Putri Bali is a must have for everyone coming to Bali and a 360°C adventure.

palms sunrise villa suite INAYA PUTRI BALI in nusa dua

I would thank my butlers, who have helped me to find a charger for my new camera and the kindness and patience with me. I'm so happy I have met all of you. The butler service is a very special offer of the hotel, coming in combination with the suites and a must have during one's stay at the INAYA Putri Bali.

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We are staying in a suite over here and just love how much privacy one has. Also the suites offer huge space for all of your belongings, per example with a walk-in wardrobe. Beside, every guest gets provided with fresh fruits every day, not only at the breakfast, but also at the room.

dinner coconut vreme tofu INAYA PUTRI BALI in nusa dua

The INAYA Putri Bali has 3 restaurants, one for breakfast, one for lunch and dinner and another one which is focusing on traditional Indonesian food, called Homaya. Also there is an additional beach bar, serving fresh coconuts and snacks.

coconut water INAYA PUTRI BALI in nusa dua

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"Inspired by Bali’s timeless cultural heritage, INAYA Putri Bali is blessed with an expansive green garden that merge seamlessly with a white sand beach overlooking the Indian Ocean. Accommodation is a collection of 460 contemporary styled guest rooms, suites and exclusive villas that emulate the style of Balinese Penglipuran village, with architecture inspired by 7 Hindu Goddesses, and which incorporate elements of local artistry."

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Located within the Nusa Dua tourism enclave, the resort is just 12 kilometers from the international airport. It was just really great since we arrived so late but also after the long travel it's just good to know that home isn't far.

INAYA PUTRI BALI in nusa dua nature garden

I would like to thank the INAYA Putri Bali for giving us this first excellent impression of Bali and its  unique charm. We couldn't have wished for a warmer welcome to the island of gods. We are excited for the next adventures here in Bali and will keep ypu updated all the time through social media and daily updates on the blog.