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Bali is calling. I'm really excited for this project. As in yesterday's post reported, I'm going there for another editorial travel.. 
#mbf_bali is just about to happen. A lot of organization was necessary to prepare this trip. It's going to be a major milestone for myberlinfashion, which I'm more than proud of to share with you.

Since I'm traveling that far, a lot of travel essentials are also required, which make the long travel more comfortable.

 Below I'm sharing some of my Bali travel must haves with you. I hope this post inspires you also for your own travels. Enjoy your weekend!

reef sneaker

Comfortable shoes are just everything, especially when travelling. Still, all of us want to integrate the stylish fashion part into the casual and simple style. I just got these black sneakers by Reef, which definitely ensure a heavenly comfort with every step.

runtastic iphone charger

Charge your life, charge your phone and be connected, right? My total travel time to Bali is about more than 27 hours which will definitely kill my battery. However, there are no excuses and my solution is this great runtastic charger, which keeps me charged all the time, all on the go.

myberlinfashion blog tablet

When it's about easy going this device is just everything. According to my busy life I need a reliable tech companion. My yoga tab 3 pro with a battery endurance of 18h and an integrated Beamer is not only a great working device but also great for some tired and sleepy hours in the airplane.

fashionchick blogger network instagram

For my travel to Bali I teamed up with my partner Fashionchick. The lovely office girls were so nice to send me some items, which are just perfect for traveling. 

tony and guy travel size

Travel size is also what beauty products need to be at the airport. For perfect beach weaves I got my sea salt spray and some other hair care product by Tony & Guy, which ensure a perfect look - every day!

skullcandy uproar wireless headphone sport

My last note is all about music. I have to admit, that I'm listening to music all the time. I get up with music, listening to it while writing, while eating and even to fall asleep. Music is one of the most important parts of my life .However; music would be nothing without the perfect sound whilst it's performed through.  

Especially therefore I'm more than grateful to have my wireless Skullcandy Uproar with me. Not only while being on a long distance flights, in the gym or just during my leisure time - I simply love how those earphones make my music sound.