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La vida eschula. In today's post I proudly present you the  #EXOTICJEANS campaign of Desigual, which I'm part of this year. I styled a look, which is featuring the main piece and can't wait for your feedback for this unique piece..

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This winter it's all about to try something new, to create and most of all, to have a lot of fun while doing all of that. Desigual stands in for the unique and colorful things in life. It's all about to have fun in life, being happy and love yourself and make life a big party, with happy thoughts and clothing.

The pattern denim takes a very important position in this situation, since denim is as playful as the brand philosophy of Desigual itself. Denim offers endless possibilities to play with. No matter if its color, washing or cut, one can go in any direction that one likes to.

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30 years ago Thomas Meyer decided to redesign an old jacket. He cut and played with design and transformed this old-fashioned, boring jacket it to an unique piece with a personal note. This creativity and freedom in design was not only a huge success, it was also the beginning of Desigual.

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This winter Desigual decided to renew this idea and designed a whole denim collection, featuring a wild and colorful sense of art and creativity coming in different pieces of apparel. The main piece is, as you can guess now, the jacket, with which Desigual is going back to the roots with a fresh new design. 

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