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When traveling to hot and sunny places most of us forget about the most important value - protection! The sun over there in Bali has been very hot and aggressive for my skin. Luckily I partnered up with Jurlique for a new project and shooting series for skin care and some of their lovely new products..

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What I most appreciate about Jurlique is that the products are all very natural and high in quality. When it comes to our skin we are always in rush and taking to less time and care to really figure out what it needs.

jurlique calming mist skin care

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Jurlique provided me for my editorial travel to Bali with a few products, that I was allowed to test. One of them has been the calming mist, which has been proved extremely helpful after a sunbath and especially after sunburn. The product helps calming the sensitive skin and also a few fresh breezes on the go were very pleasant for refreshment, since the heat wave with 34°C was taking over.

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sun protection skin care by jurlique

Another product has been the moistening sun cream, which smelled heavenly. Since Jurlique is owning an own farm in Australia, the products are all watched under control by the company itself, which guarantees high quality, good standards and amazing products in the end.

pflegeprodukte jurlique bali shooting calming mist

When I was on the go or had only a small bag with me I decide to go for the balm, which was easy to apply on elbows or hands. Also during the winter time this product is more that reliable and useful, since it helps to provide one's skin with hydration and probably it will also make one a little happier with the lush smell it has.

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after sun lotion

Also I had an after sun treatment ritual, which I included into my daily Bali routine. Even I haven't had time for a sunbath every day, since I spent a lot of time with working and preparing articles, my skin felt dry in the evening. The after sun lotion helped me to cure my dry skin and make my tan last longer.

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Thank you Jurlique for this lovely treatment, I love the products and can't wait to take them to my next travel, starting soon.