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Good morning everyone. We have just arrived in London and are almost back home in Berlin. Still, we want to take this moment to review our wonderful stay at the HiddenHills Villas, where we have been hosted by no other than Max Loong..

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We stayed at the Hidden Hills Villas over my birthday, and as you know from my previous birthday posting, Max and the staff of the Hidden Hills Villas treated us very well, with a huge birthday cake and a lovely dinner in our villa, so as an one hour massage in the hotel owned spa.

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Even our arrival has been magical. The super kind staff brought our luggage up into our villa. The villas are, as the name already mentions, located on hills. This might sound scary but it's not at all and one more thing, what goes along with this fact, is a breathtaking view over Bali, so as wonderful sunsets. During one evening we even took a rest at the pool and watched the thunder with this adorable panorama view, supplied by our villa.

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Our two bedroom villa offered us much space. Each us us had an own bedroom, followed by an own bathroom, and huge space, so as privacy. The rooms are very big, bright and have excellent design and style. Also when staying there one will experience a deep sleep which is similar as sleeping on clouds.

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The spa, where I also had my birthday massage at, offers a variety of treatments with a lovely team that makes one never want to leave again. All treatments are given by qualified people who follow you wishes and needs.

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As you guys know the quote, that breakfast is the most important meal, also the Hidden Hills Villas will ensure that the start of your day will be a good one. With fresh fruits and a large menu everyone will be supplied with delicious, healthy and good food that is made by the talented chef.

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What some of you might now is that max founded this project together with his mother. The talented entertainer and all around talent is simply worth to watch. You guys can follow max on this Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. So as the Hidden Hills Villas Villas Facebook and Instagram account.

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