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After a wonderful arrival in Bali, we decided to visit the next place on the island of gods. As I felt like I really want to see all of Bali, I wanted to discover the whole island, that's why we traveled to Lovina, to visit the Lovina Bali Spa& Resorts..

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The Lovina Bali is a wonderful hotel with many villas in the north of Bali. Moreover it's the only luxury hotel with a direct entrance to the beach in the whole area. That way every visitor gets the best of both worlds, cultural flair and luxury relaxing.

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Surrounded by a wonderful huge garden, stunning architecture and the beach in front of our door, - I just couldn't have asked for more.

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In the mornings I went to the gym, where it was possible to train the whole day. Provided with cardio and weight stations, my fitness related mind was more than happy. Also there were weekly sport classes offered by the hotel. I actually started every day with a yoga session at the beach or near by the pool and went to the gym by night. During the day I spend some time in the pool and enjoyed the warm sunbeams on my skin so as the great offers of the hotel spa.

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Since we went many days in the heavenly Lovina Beach resort we were also up to some exciting activities. The dare devil me was so impressed by all the waterfalls (and I even jumped one).

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As the Lovina was providing so many possible activities, I decided to take part in actually all of them. I think it's great to have a combination of a place where you can of course find peace and harmony but at the same time follow your heart and dive into the culture and offers of beautiful Bali.

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Sometimes I just wish Bali was more close to Germany, so that I could visit places like this more often.

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