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I have a bucket list. Not only every year I set myself a countless number of goals about what I want to achieve, also I have a long bucket list of things that I want to achieve in my life. One of these things was a trip to Bali where I set a huge cross now. However, I always wished to be close to nature and have a strong related moment to it, since in my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than the goods of Mother Nature..

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When I looked up for adventuring trips is Bali, I had to ensure to go on a safari. I have never been on a safari in my whole life and I was totally curious to experience that feeling. I read so many overwhelming reviews and tempting news about it that it was my wish by heart to have one.

When I looked up for a trip like this I stumbled over the website of Bali Safari Tours and managed to make an appointment.

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We were picked by a VW 181 and had a huge tour through Bali, discovering a lot of secret areas. This tour was a unique offer to dive deep into the history of Bali and to see some of the most historical buildings, temples and the animals live in nature.

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I felt like a little child for being so impressed with everything, but I guess it's ok to react like this due that fact that these moments were so special. I really felt like I arrived home in Bali and this tour just underlined how outstanding this place, and everything around it, just is.

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I'm so happy I went on this safari. It was such an unique experience. Moreover I Am also happy to be able to share all these memories with you and to have you "with me" on this trip.

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