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At the German Press days I was introduced to Mey for the first time. The label offers unique design and is a leader in the topic sustainability. I was exclusively shooting a photo story for the innovative brand and I'm more than proud to share the results with you guys today..

mey hose jacke shirt

When I discovered the label during German press days, I was immediately fascinated by the design, the quality, so as the idea that the brand is sharing.

the lovina mey bodywear shooting bali

jasmin fatschild mey  the lovina resort

Mey body wear produces a sensuous feeling all-round on the skin and in the eye of the beholder. Whether lingerie, women's or men's, day or nightwear – Mey's hallmark is always innovative design, an individual fashion statement, uncompromising quality standards and sustainability across the entire production process.

the lovina shooting model bali resort

I'm also happy to announce, that a second project is already scheduled, very soon. Also a huge "Thank You", to the Lovina Hotel, which offered us this wonderful Location for our shooting. I think combining the brand with the wonderful space of the Lovina Hotel was an excellent idea, since Mey is all about feeling good and being on a high quality standard, so as the hotel is.

mey bodywear bali shooting lifestyle the  lovina hotel

Location , "The Lovina" Hotel , Lovina

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