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Arrived back in Berlin I already started missing the beaches of Bali. Moreover I miss out hotel, the Sol Beach House Benoa by Meliá, which is located at the Beaches of Benoa. Today I'm going to share my impressions of the stay we had in the hotel..

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The Sol Beach House Benoa is, different from the most places where we have been in Bali, a hotel instead of a villa. A good thing about hotel is that due that fact that they host more guests, they are also allowed to have a bigger variety of activities and entertainment to offer.

Especially the Sol Beach House Benoa is hard to beat in that case. The hotel offers every day a wide range of activities so as karaoke or dances. Due the location at the beach, one can also go for water sports, diving and much more.

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But not only outside of the hotel one is able to discover and go through adventures. Also inside the hotel there are many cute animals around and a great spa, where one can book long day treatments or even a simple massage in between a day.

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What I was very impressed of at this hotel is that they even offered tofu. Also dragon fruits were given during the daily breakfast buffet, so as food counters where eggs and pancakes were made fresh by order, all complimentary.

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Even though the hotel is located at the beach, the properties include a huge pool, with a trendy pool bar and bar chairs in the water, which looked absolutely impressive.

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We had a wonderful stay at the Sol Beach House Benoa by the Spanish hotel company Meliá, which still kept the Spanish flair at the hotel, even we were in Indonesia. With churros and other Spanish dishes we lived the best of both worlds. One also needs to worry about the churros since the hotel also provides a gym, where one can train away the cheats and sweet spoiling.

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Also the staff has been very kind, helpful and even solved our internet problem. I can just recommend the stay at the Sol Beach House Benoa for everyone who is looking for a central charming place which is also on a good budget and high in quality.

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