welcome to zen resort
Today I want to take you back to the north of Bali to the Zen resort, where I have spent two days last week for a mental retreat..

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The Zen resort is in a kind of way different from the other resorts here in bail. Instead of spoiling oneself with wellness it's more about to cleanse one's body from the toxics of the modern life. It's not like a juice detox, where one changes one's eating habits, it's about a mental and physical change.

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The days at the Zen resort have started for me at 6AM, for a one hour group meditation, followed by a one hour yoga class and afterwards breakfast.

In the Zen Resort was nothing but silence and harmony. There were no taxis or a city close by. The people over here were focusing on solving fears, coping with stress and to really detoxing from mobile and focus on their self.

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It has been a totally different experience for me to stay at such a resort, since I have never been into such one. The owner of the resort told me, that there is no other resort like this, in his view. The Zen resort has its own garden with fresh herbals and actually most of the food is taken of the own land. All food is organic and local.

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On my second day I had the taste of a massage. The Ayurvedic massage was done my two therapists on the same time. Before the spa ritual started, we had a pray together.

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If one wants to stay at this resort I recommend booking a package, which combines massages, food and all the activities in one.  Sadly our stay was too short for focusing on a good retreat or to chill down, but it has been an interesting impression.

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