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New Year's Eve, 2016 is just a few more hours ahead. This year has been a roller coaster for me. I still can't believe what I was allowed to experience today. 2015 was filled with so many happy and lovely moments but the new year is even more tempting..

fashion week model new york london

The new year starts with a huge fashion week season. For now I have scheduled a few fashion weeks all over the year. Of course the season will kick off with Berlin again. I'm excited for the new collections and people I will meet. 

#mbf_abudhabi travel desert

#mbf_dubai travel

A really big project that will just follow shortly after Berlin fashion week is #mbf_dubai / #mbf_abudhabi. This editorial travel will kick off the new year with many sun beams and amazing shootings, so as cool projects. I will be accompanied by my best friend and gifted photographer Esra Coban, who will take care of all photos. We will also take you through the social media channels of my berlin fashion, so make sure to follow us on this trip.

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In March it will be time for a birthday party, and it will be a big one, even it won't be mine. My baby My Berlin Fashion will turn 6 years old. It's still unbelievable for me when thinking about the fact that I'm blogging already 6 years on the 3rd March. Thank you all so much for supporting me every day. I'm so happy to be able to share all with you. I can't wait to take all of you through the next years.

runmbf jasmin running nike

I proudly announce that year 2016 will be my running year. I was accepted and will be allowed to run marathon in September 2016. In April I will officially start my marathon training, but also before I will get ready for this big run. All of you can follow my running with the hashtag #runmbf.

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As all of you know I'm a vegan. Actually there is not that much to change about my nutrition, but I decided to go lowcarb this year. For some reason I love to challenge myself and try new things. Since I basically eat a lot of carbs, since I became vegan, I wanted to try something new with my nutrition. I'm excited how this change in my nutrition will affect me and my lifestyle, however - I'm ready for it.

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That was a short preview of upcoming projects in the next year. However, there will be so much more to be announced and however the future will turn out or not, I'm excited and open minded for the things that will come in 2016. I think the best way to make it a good year, is to be kind and ready to appreciate the unwanted things, as much as the long wished events.