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Back from Bali I have prepared a new edition of my #cookformesunday column for you guys, taking place at the Warung Sopa in Ubud..

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Before visiting the monkey forest, we had a delicious lunch at the Warung Sopa, which is only 10 minutes walking distance from the monkey forest in Ubud.

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While having a little research I found the Warung Sopa, which offers vegetarian but mostly vegan food. I also met one of the co founders, with who I had a little chat about the idea and concept behind the restaurant.

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The Warung Sopa has also a few restaurants in Europe. What seemed most impressing to me was the vision behind the found of the restaurants. Jamie told me, that the restaurants are not opened for commercial reasons, it's about to open at places where people have a need for vegan and healthy food.

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Also the staff was very kind and helped us with the selection of our food. Also Jamie gave us some recommendations and we ended up with a full table of dishes that we were all sharing together. The food is on a good price range and is mostly fresh prepared. Definitely a space to eat out in Ubud.

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