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Hello from wonderful Dubai. Esra and I have just arrived two days ago and will leave today for our stay in Abu Dhabi, before we return back to Dubai again. Our first stop in Dubai was the adorable Ritz CarltonDubai, where we spent 2 wonderful days at, including good food and a great adventure..

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The trip to Dubai has been the first time in UAE for both of us and we couldn't have wished for a better host. We arrived very late night at the airport, around 2AM. Very tired and exhausted we were picked up by a white limousine, bringing us to our even more luxury hotel suite.

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After a calming night in the soft king size bed, Esra and I started into our first day with a delicious breakfast, where even vegan food wasn't a problem - a heaven for me. Also we had the chance to order all kinds of sushi and chance to try of the most exotic fruits, so as dragon fruit and passion fruit. The buffet, so as the restaurant Cara are incredible huge and do offer a wide selection of international food and creative food art.

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On Friday we also had the exclusive chance to enjoy the brunch at Cafe Belge. The brunch is a weekly highlight offered by the hotel. Since the hotel knew about my vegan nutrition, both of us got treated with a vegan menu created for us only. The menu was based on healthy and delicious food, so as creative food mixed and a unique selection of high quality ingredients.

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With more than 148 rooms and suited there was an enormous amount of things to discover and look at. Both of us couldn't stop smiling and we felt like a dream came true. We had a wonderful suite whit a private and charming atmosphere. The full furnished rooms, with a hot iron, washing machine, oven and all kind of kitchen essentials made us feel as if we had never left home.

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Moreover also the rest of the hotel was highlighted in the golden and glamorous light. The elegant interior based on carpets so as white marble floors and walls underlined the high hotel standard and the detailed perfection.

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It doesn't matter if one comes for relaxing or tourism activities, with the Ritz Carlton Dubai one discovers both of best worlds. With a pool in the 15th floor, a spa with another pool, a separated sauna and a huge spa area, we became extremely calmed and relaxed.

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From the very first day of opening the hotel has been a popular hotspot for tourists and locals to enjoy the good life. With new rooms and suites, so as a new club lounge, an even better restaurant and countless activities for leisure time, the hotel is a leader in the luxury district of Dubai. The luxury and high class stay with the Ritz carton will always be wonderful and priceless #RCmemories that we are very grateful for.  

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