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Friday is for news and what would be more interesting than the announcement of a new editorial travel. In today's article I'm not only sharing one destination, I will actually visit two destinations for my new editorial travel, later this month..

Together with my best friend and the gifted photographer Esra Coban I will travel to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This travel is truly a new goal for us, since we will discover a new market and bring the editorial travels to a new level with the luxury and glamorous charm of the UAE.

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You guys can also, discover all news and updates on the social media channels of myberlin fashion, that will be online very soon.

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Beside these adorable news also Berlin Fashion Week is ahead, for which Esra will also assist me. We will work on some very cool projects and also some destinations of the upcoming fashion weeks are on our list.

However, all I want to say is that you guys should get ready for some exciting news, photo shootings and a lot of fresh content to be published.

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