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Sitting back home in Berlin on a casual Sunday I'm having a little throwback to a lovely afternoon tea at Taj hotel. Together with my friend Esra I had a visit at the hotel owned restaurant Kona for the Alice in wonderland inspired afternoon tea, which offered a lot of surprised and sugared treatments..

kona restaurant taj hotel london

When we arrived at the Kona restaurant we were super excited about will happen next. From the photos we have looked at we were so thrilled for the sweets, even though I'm actually not a fan of sugar and sweets. The idea about this pink food art made me craving for more.

afternoon tea london tea menu

We were warmly welcomed with the creatively and old fashioned inspired afternoon tea menu, which looked like a fairytale itself. Beside all the colorful drawings we have been introduces to various selections of the finest tea.

reserved afternoon tea menu taj kona hotel london

After we have selected for our tea we have been asked for the sandwiches. It has not even been a problem for the kitchen to prepare some vegan and vegetarian sandwiches for us, within a very short time. The sandwiches looked very "easy" but were super delicious and tasty and probably one of the best sandwiches I ever had.

sandwiches kona hotel london myberlinfashion

tea spoon alice in wonderland

After a few cups of tea it was finally time for the "sugared" part of our afternoon tea. I was really thrilled for what would be prepared for me as a vegan. This one time I decided to not quit the sugar and be treated by the kitchen. The appointment was very spontaneous so the kitchen just heard about my especial diet by our arrival.

macaron taj hotel london

teesieb afternoon tea taj hotel

macaron scones myberlinfashion afternoon tea taj hotel
london tee vegan treatment

As the treats were inspired by Alice in wonderland, they had a special look. I think the photos speak for itself. The afternoon tea can be booked at any time and is for sure a very special idea for any birthday party or a casual Sunday like today. Definitely I'm sure that I will be back for this special afternoon tea again when being in London.  It's a super special happening that I would recommend all the time. 

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