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A dinner on a secret inland, sounds like a dream right? During our stay in Abu Dhabi we took the change to visit the Frangipani restaurant, which is located on a secret island, owned by the Zaya hotel at Nurai Island... 

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"Rustic-chic vibe and a flexible, elegantly simple menu, this is what Frangipani is all about." For me as a vegan, eating out can be a struggle but at the Frangipani restaurant the vegan heaven was just with me I guess. I had the possibility to select out of a huge menu, so as receiving recommendations from the chef himself.

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First of I want to mention the unbelievable impressing trip to the location. Since the hotel, so as the restaurant, is located on its own island, we had to go by boat to the secret culinary spot. It has been a short travel by a high speed boat, and while the trip we even were allowed to watch the wonderful sunset of Abu Dhabi. Even after these promising first impressions, the evening was supposed to get even better.

frangipani nurai island zaya food

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When we arrived we had a short guiding tour through the island at the own beach, so as pool and spa area. After that one of the staff members guided us to our table in the outside area, where we had an incredible view on the cloudless and twinkling starry sky, together with the bright golden lights of the city in middle of a secret island, which gave us the impression a romantic location. The interior of the restaurant was really modern and artistic. With small details and an impressive decoration all over the place we felt like two princesses.

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For the starters we were spoiled with fresh salads, topped with herbs fresh cut from the own garden. Also we had some gluten free bread and avocado, so as quinoa salad and some other small dishes. The food was not only delicious but also very healthy, what made the whole dish even more delicious with every bite.

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For the main course we decided for some vegan curry, which was rich in flavors and spices. Beside we had some delicious healthy drinks, made with fresh juices. However devious all the food was we got really filled after the main dish and decided for a healthy and small dessert. A fruit salad with exotic vibes completed the dinner.

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The restaurant, so as the hotel have been celebrated as one of the best hotspots in UAE and the whole world. We felt so delighted to be invited for such an experience and still crave for the good food over there. It has been such a magical and luxury experience and we can't wait to come back one day.

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