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At the properties of the Waldorf Astoria we were delighted with an invitation for a dinner at Social by Heinz Beck. The World-renowned, 3-star Michelin Chef Heinz Beck brings contemporary Italian dining to Dubai. Featuring inviting design elements and offering innovative contemporary Italian cuisine. Social by Heinz Beck offers a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere with magnificent views of Dubai, making this an ideal setting for every day dining and special celebratory meals...

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With a menu that was featuring culinary high lights the decision of what to order was not easy to meet. Not only the menu was exclusive, also the location was very impressive and completed the stay. The very kind staff ensured that we would have a wonderful and unforgettable food experience.

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starters social by heinz beck

Our evening was filled with new impressions and really good food. We have been welcomed with a selection of starters, coming together in a creative way and combining new tastes. Also the starters have been very promising for the main dish.

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Since Esra is vegetarian, she was allowed to enjoy also a fine selection of cheese. Beside also I was provided with delicious treatments and surprises. One of my favorites has been the fresh almond tofu, made exclusively at the restaurant.

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Before we went for the main course we were excited to discover the kitchen. Of course we couldn't step into the kitchen but the automatic doors are transparent and one is allowed to see the chefs preparing all dishes. It has been very interesting to watch one of the most gifted chefs preparing our food.

penne fresh noodles social by heinz beck

tomato sauce pennne social by heinz beck

For the main dish we both had pasta. It has been more than 3 years since I ate noodles the last time. Since I don't consume gluten the kitchen prepared some gluten free penne, which was really delicious. However I was really obsessed with the fresh sauce. Even it was "only" tomato sauce, I have to admit that this dish was incredible satisfying. The sauce had been upgraded with fresh herbs and was just perfectly upgraded with spices, which guaranteed a very intensive taste.

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Instead of going for a dessert we rather enjoyed some fresh juices and tea. We had an unforgettable evening at Social by Heinz beck and totally enjoyed the good food and atmosphere. Truly this is the perfect escape for dinner and a perfect valentine's escape.

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