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I had a fantastic time in the UAE and still I have to admit, that I'm actually sad that we already had to leave. We have been traveling between Dubai and wonderful Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. In today's article I want to share my top 3 things to do in Abu Dhabi..

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The first place we have visited in Abu Dhabi has been the Grand Mosque. Truly this place has been a fountain of inspiration and power. Me and Esra not only enjoyed the wonderful view, also we joined for a pray, which has been a very spiritual and unique experience for both of us. The grand mosque is however not easy to reach, or at least say to leave again. There is no public transport like a taxi or something, since everyone is coming with their own car. Also there is a strict rule regarding the dress code. Women need to cover all of their hair and need to cover their body too. Suitable clothing is available at the mosque for rent or for buying. However one is still not allowed to go through the security check without being covered, so it's possibly the best solution to prepare oneself before the visit and wear "suitable" clothes.

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Even one is not a prayer I would always recommend this place. It is really beautiful, fascinating and also a great escape of the other hectic touristic adventures which are available in Abu Dhabi. 

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Another highlight has been the Yas Waterworld Park which is really well centered in the heart of Abu Dhabi Yas Island. The Yes Water Park offers various things to do inside. But there is not only space for people who are craving for adventuring water fun, there is also a wide spaced area for families and kids, so as chilling at the pool area. Basically I went for all of the attractions in the park and tried them all. One of my favorites has been the free fall, which duration was only a few seconds. However short this "ride"  was, I think it was the most intense attraction in the park.

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The entrance fee is not very expensive and there are some specials all over the time regarding the entrance fee. Also ladies nights are available. Truly it's a great adventure and a must have for everyone loving water sports and everything beyond. PS: The Park offers the longest water slide in the whole world, definitely and adventure to go for.

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Last but not least we went to the Ferrari Park. Totally different from all other activities this park is basically brand based, on who guesses - Ferrari. However much one likes the world famous car brand, the park offers fun for all ages and interests. From different driving and live stations, animation and the fastest roller coaster in the whole world with 240 km/h speed, there are also some parts which are reminding of a museum. One can see some of the most beautiful Ferrari cars and follow the history of Ferrari through various stations. 

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Currently there are new attractions under construction and many things which will be launched soon. However it's a must do to go on the fastest roller coaster once in your life. Do you dare it?

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