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What would be more tempting than discovering the desert of Dubai? Together with Dubai Tourism, Esra and I had the chance to take a private desert safari through the most beautiful places of UAE. In today's article we want to share all of our memories with you guys, so as taking you back with us on this trip...

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The desert of Dubai tells a very special story. It is the story of adventures, of memorable moment and the history of a country, a country that does only exist once in the whole world. The tour takes place in the desert, so as in a private royal desirers resort, where we had a belly dance show, fire show and a women painting henna. This trip is very unique and a must have for everyone.

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Esra and I were directly picked up at the hotel, before we started our tour through the hot and breathtaking desert, with a view I have never had before.

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For me it is still very hard to find word for this possibility, so I rather let the photos speak for itself. We are very happy that we had the chance to take this adventure even on a private level. Even more I'm so grateful to be able to share all of this with my best friend. I can't wait for the next days and adventures and to discover more of Dubai.

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