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The time in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has been fantastic. In today's article it's all about the La Verda Hotel, where we have spent our last nights before flying back home - a unique experience for everyone and a must have in Dubai..

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The very new opened hotel in the heart of Dubai is the perfect holiday escape for families and people who want to follow a free schedule. Since the hotel is only offering suites, villas and penthouses, the standard is very high.

A wide pool area with a view on the Pierre of Dubai and the endless skyscrapers have been breathtaking and a great escape for a rest. Right now the hotel is still about to develop its service and properties. A whole bunch of new restaurants is about o follow up and open soon. Also a house owned spa is almost finished and will open within the next month.

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Esra and I shared a two bedroom suite in the 20th floor out of 25 floors. The suite included a full furnished kitchen, including washing machine and dryer, so as a comfortable TV corner, with a huge couch and a LED TV.

Each of us had an own bathroom, so as a guest bathroom in our suite. Next to an eating corner in the living room of our suite we had a balcony which has been amazing for some sun bathing and working upstairs in our room.

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In the morning we had a rich breakfast with a wide selection we spent in the outside area of the restaurant. Also we had a dinner experience at the restaurant which is opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The place in featuring indoor and outdoor seeds and a various selection for vegan, vegetarian and meat, so as fish dishes. 

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The area around the hotel is very nice. With a huge shopping centre just meters away and the port, one can discover the beautiful and calming parts of the city, so as been into the trendy lifestyle society at the same time. Nearby are also many places for brunch and all kind of food to enjoy.

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We had a pleasant stay and can't wait to come back when visiting the city again. It has been a lot of fun, also we enjoyed the hotel owned gym and meeting the very kind personal trainer Alex, who guided us around the area.

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The main signature is however the unbelievable kind staff which is giving 110% to ensure a memorable stay for each guest. 

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